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August 25, 2015
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I don’t think any of us expected a full 3hr shoot as we headed out with my cousin, Amber, for her senior pictures.  I for one would have brought a snack along!  We got an early start and headed to our first stop, a small area by the Scioto River that features a waterfall.  We did a great series of shots, but when we realized we couldn’t actually get in the water, we went looking for another water site, and ended up at Highbanks Metropark for our 2nd stop.  I love the shots we got at both locations! To change things up a bit…and so that we could do some outfit changes…we ended the shoot at Inniswood Gardens, a great location with lots of variety (and a restroom for changing!).

Thank you, Amber, for such a fun shoot and for getting me out doing portraits again.  It was very inspiring and I’m looking forward to lots of upcoming senior shoots for the class of 2016!

Amber blog 1

Amber blog 2

Amber blog 3

Amber blog 4

Amber blog 5

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Amber blog 9

And I have to give a huge thanks to Jadyn, my wonderful daughter, for being such a fabulous assistant! It was a dirty job, but you did great with our lighting and made the photos turn out beautifully. Photographer in the making? …nah, she’s got bigger plans. :)

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